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When do I register?

You can register and apply for the courses offered by us at any time throughout the calendar year. We have courses between the age 4 and 20 years. Students can attend our courses until they finish High School.

Please note!

It is only possible to apply to the piano and guitar subjects/courses the same calendar year as the student will start year one in elementary school. It is only possible to apply to the drums & percussions subjects/courses the same calendar year as the student will start year two in elementary school.

How do I sign up for a course?

Please, fill in the digital application form on our website. You can register a first and a second choice. Once registered, you will receive a confirmation email from us. You can apply and registrar to our courses throughout the calendar year.

Can I submit a written application?

We only accept online registrations digitally on our website.

What are the entry requirements each term?

Most schools in Sweden operate a two-term school year. One term in the autumn and one term in the spring. The Vallentuna Kulturskola will bring in new students at the beginning of each term. The teachers will contact you if vacancies are available on a course. Students can still be offered a place if one becomes available after the start of the term. The language used in tuition is Swedish.

How will I find out if I get offered a place or not?

Teachers will contact you when a course has a place to offer. The Vallentuna Kulturskola ambition is to offer a place within one year from the date of registration. If the student completes the course, a new student is offered a place. Therefore, we cannot report the exact number of places available for each term, as it is based on whether another student chooses to complete the course or not.

Can my child change course?

If you would like to change the course, you need to make a new application on our website.

Do I have to re-registrar my child each term?

No. Your place at a course will continue the following terms until the cancellation has been made by you on our website. The only course exception is Kulturverkstad as the course ends when the student enters the second year of the Swedish compulsory comprehensive school. (Second year of elementary school/ the Swedish compulsory comprehensive school, students are 7-8 years old)

Where do I find information about where the class/course it's held?

Our courses usually takes place after school hours at the Vallentuna Kulturskola own premises or at schools in Vallentuna. Our course cataloge provides information regarding course descriptions and course offering. Please visit our Course Cataloge page.

Can I request my course location?

No, please. It is shown in our student administration system in which school the child is written. In our course catalogue it is stated at which venue / school our different courses are given. Be sure to enter the correct course name when you fill in the digital application form on our website.

Could you explain how the waiting list work, please?

Registration for courses is placed in a student waiting list with a registration date that your registration has been registered at the Vallentuna Kulturskola. If you choose not to accept an offer for a chosen course, you will lose your place at that specific course. If you accept a place on one of your choices, you still remain in the waiting list for your other course choices. It is not possible to start a course without reaching the age limit that is required for the course.

Why is there a waiting list?

Some courses might have greater availability to offer student places then other courses. If a course is currently fully booked you will be placed on the waitlist and offered a place when vacancies on the course occur. The Vallentuna Kulturskola ambition is to offer a student place within one year from the date of registration.

Will I lose my place on the waiting list, if I don't accept the round one offer?

Yes. If you choose not to accept your offer, you will lose your place for that specific course. Please note, you are still left in the waiting list for all your other course choices.

Do some courses have longer waiting lists than others?

Our ambition is to offer space within one year from the application date on all our courses.

How long is a lesson?

The lesson time varies depending on subject. Please, see our course catalogue for each subject.

Student Absence

The student or parent are responsible for communicating their absence directly to the teacher through, telephone, text or email before the current lesson. See our teachers contact information here.

How many "sessions" do the students have each term?

We guarantee at least 12 sessions each term. Please note, we might need to cancel lessons due to illness with no available substitute teacher. Course participants will be notified by mail in these cases.

Can we rent an instrument from the school?

Yes, instrument rentals are provided to our students. We offer a range of instrumental rentals such as; violin, viola, clarinet, trombone, trumpet, saxophone and cello. A parent or legal guardian must be present to sign our rental agreement 'Musical Instrument Usage Policy'. Please note, hire is subject availability. The instrumental appointment will take place during a class or organized lesson with your teacher. The instrument rental fee each term is paid in SEK 500:- (Swedish krona).

How do I return the instrument after completion of the course?

The parent or the guardian is responsible for turning in the assigned instrument when the course in finished. You return the instrument either to the teacher or at our school reception office. Please, see our school reception office opening times here.

How do the course cancellation policy works?

Your course cancellation must be done before the start of the term. Please send your cancellation e-mail with the course name, the student name and personal number to kulturskolan@vallentuna.se .

Is there a Tuition Fee Liability Policy?

Yes. If the place is cancelled after the first lesson, no course fee is charged. If the place is declared after the second lesson, half-term fee is charged and after the third lesson the total course fee applies. Please note, you should always send your cancellation e-mail with the course name, the student name and personal number to kulturskolan@vallentuna.se .

Please inform me about your payment of tuition fee process?

An invoice for the first term will be sent out in October – November. The invoice for the second term will be sent during February-March. If the student has started late in the term, the invoice is sent one month after starting.

What does The Swedish Personal Data Act stand for?

Our students and families personal data are registered in Vallentuna municipality's student administration system in accordance with §25 PUL (The Swedish Personal Data Act).

Our family has private and personal data protection. How do we apply to a course?

Families with personal data protection must be handled outside our regular registration system: Therefore, please contact us by tel. 08-587 852 70 or kulturskolan@vallentuna.se

Do you have a Lost and Found?

Yes. Please note, the Vallentuna Kulturskola is not responsible for forgotten things. Any items left in the studio are placed in our lost and found box next to the entrance hall in the Röda Skolan. Please note, that the lost and found box is emptied by the end of each term and sent out for recycling. Valuable items such as wallets, purses and jewellery are taken care of by the school reception office. Please, contact us kulturskolan@vallentuna.se to see if your valuable item has been submitted.

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