Welcome to Ekebyskolan

Ekebyskolan is a municipal school for pupils, six to fifteen years old. We offer good education and caring from young age throughout the schoolyears. Important to us is to include all our students in learning, and to find strategies to develop every pupil as much as possible during their stay at school. 

Ekebyskolan is a friendly and welcoming school. We have beautiful and modern classrooms, perfect for learning. Younger pupils are in one building, and older in another. We use a mix of digital technology and classic material in our teaching. Important to us is to find and use right teaching methods for every pupil so every pupil succeed as much as possible.

Ekebyskolans pupils are included at school and are given influence in learning methods, tests, classroom design, and other investments. Influence comes with resposibility and students are also expected show reverence towards development of study skills,respect of school material etc.

Throughout the schoolyear Ekebyskolan appreciates the close cooperation betweeen school and pupils parents in order to expand and support each individual pupils learning and education. A completed education at Ekebyskolan results in pupils ready to meet the future, with strong self-confidence based on both knowledge and social skills.

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