Welcome to Vallentuna!

Welcome to Sweden and welcome to Vallentuna!

The Municipality of Vallentuna is situated some 25 kilometres north of Stockholm, but has twice the size (360 km2) of the capital city.

Growing population

Over 33,000 people live here, 20 percent are 20 or younger and just over 10 percent are 65 or older. Most people live in single-family homes in pleasant surroundings with plenty of green areas. We expect an annual population increase of 2 to 3 percent until 2015.

The cultural heritage in Vallentuna is alive and well in a countryside that blends farming and small industry, with fascinating archaeological finds and peaceful nature
– including the foremost bird habitat in Stockholm County, Angarnssjöängen nature reserve, just 5 km east of the centre of town.

About the elections in Sweden

For information in different languages, please visit the Election Authority´s web site. There you will find a selection of information and material especially produced to provide an overview of Swedish elections and election administration.


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