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Runriket is a collaboration between Vallentuna and Täby Municipality. It spans 3.5 miles around Lake Vallentuna and boasts the highest concentration of runestones in the world. Within this area, visitors can explore nine historical sites showcasing various types of Viking Age runic carvings.

The entrance to Runriket is marked by Jarlabanke's bridge, a renowned landmark in the region. Here, visitors can delve into the history of runes, immersing themselves in the lives of those who inhabited the area during that era.

The nine sites within Runriket include Jarlabanke's bridge, Täby church, Broby bridge, Fällbro, Risbyle, Gällsta, Gullbron, Vallentuna church, and Arkil's tingstad.

Runriket is located about 2.5 miles north of Stockholm. The gateway to Runriket, Jarlabanke's bridge, is located in Täby village near the municipal border with Vallentuna. You can get here by bus from Danderyd Hospital (the bus stop is called Jarlabankes bro) or by Roslagsbanan. You can also start the tour in Vallentuna. Visit for travel information.

How do I get around? With Jarlabanke's bridge as a starting point, you can get around the lake by bike, car or public transport. The entire stretch is almost 3.5 miles long. All ancient monuments are clearly marked, and on the information boards you can learn even more about the history of the sites. There are also audio guides available, which you find below.

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